Credit Monitoring: What Is It and Do You Need It?

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Hi all, Dale here. I want to let everyone know that I work with credit monitoring partners as an affiliate seller. I make a commission when you sign up for these services, but I wouldn’t recommend just anyone for you to use. I trust these organizations and have used them myself. My goal with my blog is always to educate, but it’s also part of my business, and I receive compensation when you use the products I recommend.

Do you remember those commercials from about a decade ago where the CEO of LifeLock shared his social security number to promote his credit monitoring company? He didn’t stop there; his social security number was plastered on billboards and made public nationwide. And, despite his claims, his identity was stolen numerous times.

However, all theater aside, using a monitoring service is a good idea even when you don’t shout your private information from the rooftops. With access to data digitally, it’s so easy for your details to leak and be used by not-so-scrupulous people. So, what is it, and do you need it?

What Exactly is Credit Monitoring

In short, credit monitoring is a way to get alerts on your credit to know immediately if there is a problem. So often, people don’t even review their credit card statements each month and can go for months or even years without knowing what’s happening behind the scenes.

These subscriptions offers that peace of mind. Many experts equate it with good cyber security. Like setting good passwords on all your online accounts, monitoring your credit is another tool in your toolbelt of safety – like Batman!

Signing Up

There are several companies offering these services. I work with Smart Credit and refer all of my clients their way. It offers score tracking as well as suggestions for building your credit score. You will receive alerts directly to your email if there are issues with your credit. The product maintains your privacy and security online and provides $1 million in identity fraud insurance for your whole family as part of their services.

I wouldn’t recommend Smart Credit if I didn’t fully trust their services.

When Do You Need to Sign Up?

Many people don’t sign up for credit monitoring until their card numbers are stolen or their passwords are part of a significant internet security breach. And if that happens to you, signing up for credit monitoring is an excellent next step. However, I also encourage everyone to sign up for credit monitoring to ensure that these things never happen in the first place.

Are you ready to learn more about credit monitoring and repair? Contact me to learn more or sign up at Best Credit RX today.

Dale Marco

Dale Marco


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