Credit Repair Services

Credit Repair Services

Student Loan Rehabilitation / Rehabilitación de préstamos estudiantiles

We will guide you in the right direction to get loans out of default and into good standing.

Bankruptcies / Bancarottases

This is one of the most impactful credit repair services that we offer. We can keep you out of bankruptcy or get your credit rehabilitated, getting you back on track with good credit.

Veteran / Military

Member of the armed forces? Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard. Talk to us about special pricing.

Mortgage Pre-Approval / Pre-aprobación de hipotecas

We will work closely with your Loan Officer by communicating and sharing resources. We understand the mortgage process to make your home buying journey a smooth one.

Foreclosure / Juicio hipotecario

The proper steps must be taken to put the foreclosure in your past, and with our credit repair services, we can share resources to help you start over.

Identity Theft / Robo de identidad

We can help with our credit repair services so that you don’t have to worry anymore.

Auto Financing / Autofinanciación

Higher credit scores equal lower interest rates.

Short Sales / Banca Cortas

We will review for errors on your credit file and work to get it reporting correctly with our credit repair services.

Other Services / Otros servicios

Other credit repair services offered by Best Credit RX include: 

  • Charge Offs / Recargos
  • Collections / Colecciones
  • Late Pays / Tarde paga
  • Repossessions /Reposesiones Judgments / Juicios
  • Tax Liens / Gravámenes fiscales
  • Pay Day Loans / Préstamos de día de pago

Happy Clients

Best Credit RX has credit repair services for personal and business credit.

When you contact us with your credit concerns, we can talk to you about any of these specifics and work on finding a solution that’s right for you. Our superpower is providing you with the tools to improve your credit score and have a better financial future.

No Obligation Consultation

Your credit is the best tool you have for making every purchase, big and small. Everyone’s credit history is different, so there isn’t one approach to repairing credit that works for everybody. We are happy to give every individual a credit analysis and consultation to prescribe the best credit repair remedy on the market.

How We Work

You probably want to know how long this will take. The entire process will generally take between 4 and 7 months.

Here’s what you can expect.

Day 1

Day 1

Get Started

You’ll complete the enrollment forms and sign up for credit monitoring.

Day 2

Day 2

Welcome Call

We’ll chat on the phone to go over the details of the upcoming process.

Day 3-4

Day 3-4


We’ll complete your audit.

Day 5

Day 5


You’ll pay your $249 audit fee.

Day 6

Day 6


All of your information goes over to processors.

Day 10

Day 10


The credit bureaus generate letters and send them on your behalf.

Day 11 to 40

Day 11 to 40


Your processing loop continues, and we wait for the result.

Day 45

Day 45


Once the waiting is over, we’ll review your file to see what’s happened.

Day 46-180

Day 46-180


We make sure the correct information is being sent and received. We continuously review and update the data.

Day 180

Day 180

Finish Line

You’ll see the results and significant improvements.

Day 181

Day 181

Exit Interview

Day 181

We’ll do one last call to follow up on all the updates and close out your process.

Credit Repair Services for Business Credit & Funding

Establish Business Credit

Business credit is misunderstood. Even if you have a credit card for your business, but your social security number was on the application, it’s still a personally guaranteed credit card. If your business runs into financial problems, you are in personal trouble too. We can put you in a step-by-step proven program to establish actual business credit, so your personal credit is never at risk or necessary for your business.

Obtain Business Funding

Many business owners believe the only funding option is the Small Business Administration loan, which is very hard to get. But there are so many more options from numerous sources at our disposal, including private investors, regional banks, and much more.

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