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In a world filled with non-stop advertising and a constant barrage of holiday music in every public space, sometimes it’s easy to forget what the season means. Almost every culture on the planet celebrates some form of holiday during this time. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, or just the season itself, this is a time to be with friends and family and put a light on in the darkness of winter. Here is our Happy Holiday wish for you.

Save Money and Reduce Stress

We can see this is sometimes easier said than done, but we know that money and stress often go hand in hand. Saving money this holiday season can help you reduce your anxiety. Consider ways you can reduce spending for the rest of this year. If you haven’t already bought your holiday gifts, choose options such as:

  • Inexpensive or free experiences
  • Consumables like food, beverages, or bath products
  • Spending time with friends and family playing games

When you feel anxiety bubbling up during the holidays, take a moment to step back and learn healthy ways to cope.

Celebrating Winter Holidays at Home

If travel isn’t in the cards this year, don’t stress over having a quiet holiday at home. The winter holiday season takes place over the longest nights of the year. We add color and lights and celebration to fight off the seasonal blues. So, if you’re staying home, do what you can to enjoy this time with your local family and friends. Or set up a time to chat over Zoom with your family out of town.

Here are a few things you can do at home to celebrate the holidays this year.

Wishing You a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

I got into credit repair because I know what it’s like to struggle. And I learned that it’s never too late to get help. Take time this holiday season to remember what’s most important and how you can celebrate the season without spending too much money or letting anxiety get the best of you.

Happy Holidays from Dale Marco and Best Credit RX

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A message from Dale Marco:

Hi all, Dale here. I want to let everyone know that I work with credit monitoring partners as an affiliate seller. I make a commission when you sign up for these services, but I wouldn’t recommend just anyone. These are organizations I trust and use myself. My goal with my blog is always to educate, but it’s also part of my business, and I receive compensation when you use the products I recommend.

Dale Marco

Dale Marco


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