Expert Tips for Becoming a Homeowner in 2021

becoming a homeowner in 2021

So in love with Emily Huddleston at Redfin! She recently authored an article on RedFin with some really great tips about buying a home!

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting and stressful things you can do.

I don’t care if it’s your first home purchase or your 50th… there are always quirks that pop up that make you realize what a unique process home buying is. Each and every time!  As one of the major milestones in anyone’s life home buying really needs some thought and attention put towards it before jumping right in.

RedFin is an excellent resource for expert tips and one of their writers, Emily Huddleston, recently published a great article ” Expert Tips for Becoming a Homeowner in 2021″ that can be found HERE. Best Credit Rx is featured in this article offering some tips from the credit repair side. As a credit repair company the thing we warn people about the most is to not let someone pull your credit until you know you’re ready and you’ve checked your report yourself.

A mortgage inquiry is what’s called a hard inquiry and it can have a negative impact to your credit profile and usually score. Applications for credit should be avoided unless you know your score and report are within qualifying range so that you do not add unnecessary damage to your credit report.

We want you to have the best score and best credit profile… so we recommend checking your credit report at Annual Credit Score is where gauging your readiness can be a real challenge.. there are 52 FICO models, 4 Vantage… and they ALL vary. We recommend reaching out to your lender to ask them what the score difference is. We usually guess that most reports are 40 points higher than what a lender would pull, but unfortunately that estimate not always 100% accurate.

The higher the credit score – the better your interest rate can be. If your credit score is too low – you can’t qualify at all!  If you have any negative info on your report, it’s always a good idea to have a reputable credit repair company work to assure that those items are accurate, verifiable and timely. If you need that assistance… we can help!