Common Expenses to Cut and Save Money  

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With inflation on the rise, it’s pretty clear we can make some changes that will positively impact our financial health. Every little thing adds up, so consider what you can do to improve your spending as we face this economic uncertainty. Here are a few things you can do to save money.

Evaluate Your Subscriptions

We live in an age of subscriptions. We have them for everything: streaming television and music, clothing, meal kits, pet accessories, and anything else you can think of. Now is the time to look at your subscriptions and see what you can cut back on to save a little money.

Review Your Grocery Budget

Inflation does mean that food prices are rising, but there are a few things you can reconsider to improve your spending. For example, switch to the store brand if you generally choose name-brand items. They are the same quality but generally a little cheaper. Consider visiting a local farmer’s market for produce, which tends to be more affordable due to being local.

Drink More Water

Those sodas and sparkling waters tend to add up. And, truthfully, they don’t have anywhere near the health value of a regular glass of water. Drink more water to spend less money. Even if you invest in a filter for your fridge, you’ll still spend less money overall on your beverage consumption.

Tip: When you go out for dinner, opt for water rather than soda. It’s always free!

Make Coffee at Home

Starbucks is a treat, but its prices are rapidly rising. Rather than getting that nitro cold brew for over $7 in some locations, make coffee at home. You can even make drinks that mimic some of the specialty coffees you buy daily at the shop.

Find Free Entertainment

Don’t automatically spend money on movies or adventure parks when looking for something fun to do. Check out opportunities for free or low-cost entertainment in your city. You may be surprised to find weekly movies in the park or fun festivals for all ages. Visit the library where you aren’t expected to spend money to enjoy books, movies, and more.

Cook At Home

Of course, one of the best ways to save money every week is to cook more at home than you go out. Buying meal ingredients tends to be far less expensive than paying restaurant prices. Check out recipes online that fit your family’s taste buds and get creative with mealtime. If you don’t have time each night to make dinner, consider making food in batches on the weekend and freezing it so you can heat it every night.

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