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Who is Required to Report to the Credit Bureaus?  Who Exactly are These Bureaus and What do They do Exactly?

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Well since you asked.  NO ONE.  There is no law requiring any company to report to any of the credit bureaus.  Many companies do, however, because they see value in having a resource to be able to judge the risk in extending some form of… Read More »Who is Required to Report to the Credit Bureaus?  Who Exactly are These Bureaus and What do They do Exactly?

Credit Card Confusion

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bad credit cards? is there such a thing? I am finding there is much confusion about credit and credit cards.  This is an attempt to rectify that. First lets be clear on the two types of credit out there: 1.  Installment credit. This is credit… Read More »Credit Card Confusion

FICO Scoring Madness

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 I am going to attempt to simplify a VERY confusing topic.  This will be an oversimplification really.  If you want detals I have a white paper I would be glad to share with you that goes into great detail. OK, here we go. FICO scores… Read More »FICO Scoring Madness

Smoke and Mirrors

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Wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who said “a sucker is born every minute”?  The Big Three Axis of Financial Evil use that as their daily mantra you would think.  The latest smokescreen I have to tip my cap to them, their PR machine is good; make… Read More »Smoke and Mirrors