Equifax was Hacked

What if Equifax was Hacked again? 

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You Must Act to Protect Yourself

The Credit Reporting Agencies, commonly referred to as the Credit Bureaus, do not simply report on your creditworthiness. They mine for data on every American with a social security number. 

Before Equifax was Hacked – 

You’ve heard other examples of identity theft in the news. Someone hacks your credit card number from a retailer or online store – or maybe your social security number was compromised. What has happened with Equifax— This one is far more dangerous.

The thieves have the following information on you that will allow them to answer any security question a company has to prevent fraud:

  1. Your name and current address
  2. Your maiden name and mothers maiden name
  3. Every address you have ever lived at
  4. Your social security number
  5. Your date of birth
  6. Your current and previous employers
  7. Letters were hacked if you ever disputed an account with them. So that credit card or account number.
  8. Every vehicle you ever financed and dates.
  9. Your phone numbers.
  10. Your email addresses.

This information gives the thieves access to anything. Equifax will cover credit monitoring for one year. Still, it will require you to forfeit critical Federal laws to protect yourself. The bad guys will sit on this information for a year. Then we will start seeing an epidemic of fraud claims. Sometimes these are hard to fight. People find out about problems on their credit reports at inconvenient times (applying for a mortgage, buying a car, financing a medical procedure, getting student loans, etc.)

What can you do?

First, forget Credit Karma. Their reports lack detail, and they only cover two of the three bureaus. You need to know all three. No lender looks at just two. Sometimes you get what you pay for or don’t with them.

Second, I negotiated special pricing with a national company, Identity IQ. Most companies charge up to $35 a month. I got a price of $19.99 for credit monitoring and monthly credit reports with scores for all 3, checking account monitoring, $1 million fraud insurance, and more features. We all easily waste $5.00 a week. This is insurance as crucial as auto or homeowners insurance. This has become a must-have in the modern era.

You can gamble and be a victim, or you can protect yourself—your decision. I urge you to protect yourself as I have spent months working to unravel people’s credit reports that involve fraud.

Credit Repair

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