Stretching Your Grocery Dollars for Thanksgiving Dinner  

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Are you ready to host Thanksgiving? Whether planning dinner for two or inviting over your extended family, a huge meal can be expensive. That’s especially true with inflation and today’s grocery prices. But you can save money on your holiday food shopping. Here are some tips to help you stretch your dollars and make a budget for an excellent Thanksgiving dinner.

Don’t Wing It

Some things aren’t worth winging. Thanksgiving dinner is one of those. You want to make a menu ahead of time to ensure that all your bases are covered. Who is coming to your dinner? Are there any food restrictions or special needs to accommodate? And don’t plan it all in your head. Write down a list or make a spreadsheet if you’re feeling super organized.

Shop Deals, Specials, and Sales

Here is where your menu comes in handy. From your menu, you can make a shopping list of everything you need to make any dish on your Thanksgiving table. Next, determine where you can get the best deals on every ingredient. We live in an age where this is easy since you can do some of your shopping online or at least review the sale prices and check digital coupons at all your local markets. For additional savings, check out these apps for grocery coupons or cash-back deals.

Plan for Leftovers

It always feels like too much food when you’re buying for Thanksgiving dinner. It is, actually. But that’s the beauty of the holiday. While you will spend more on one meal than usual, you will often have several days of leftovers that eliminate your food budget for the rest of the weekend. Plan for leftovers and have some staples on hand to make the best of it. For example, be sure to have a loaf of bread to make turkey sandwiches. Here are some great leftover recipes to consider.

Host a Potluck

There is one more tip that can help you stay on track. You don’t have to spend all that money on your own. Instead, invite everyone coming to Thanksgiving dinner to bring a dish. Send assignments so everyone knows what they need to provide and you don’t end up with fifteen pumpkin pies. This can save money for the host and also let everyone invited participate.

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