Best Credit Repair Cards

Best Credit Repair Cards


Below are the best credit repair cards, we consider them the best cards to rebuild your credit. Have a look at all the credit repair cards and compare to see which is the best to help you.

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Best Credit repair Cards --- Did you know that there are different kinds of credit cards?

Secured vs Unsecured


  • Secured Cards Make the best credit repair cards
  • ⅓ of your score length of credit
  • With a secured credit card, your line of credit is secured by a deposit you make with the bank issuing your card
  • That deposit is refundable, meaning you get it back later
  • Your credit limit is usually (but not always) equal to the size of your deposit
  • So if you deposit $300, you’ll have a credit limit of $300


  • Most credit cards are unsecured loans.
  • You borrow money to make purchases, then pay some or all of that money back each month, with no collateral involved in the deal.
  • Because of that, you typically need at least average credit to qualify for an unsecured card, and the best ones require good or excellent credit.


  • Prepaid debit cards or prepaid “gift card with a fee”
  • Doesn't’ report to FICO
  • Prepaid debit cards seem similar to secured credit cards. You have to put up money before you can use the card, and they typically have a Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo.
  • But with prepaid debit cards, you’re using your own money to make purchases — not money borrowed from the issuer. Since these cards don’t extend you any credit, account activity isn’t reported to the credit bureaus.

Free Consultation

No Cost - No Obligation - Free Consultation

We believe that your credit is the tool to everything you wish to purchase in life.  The problem is that each individual's credit history is different.  There is not one approach to repairing every individual's credit. Finding the best credit repair card for your situation, needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully.  Just like a doctor does not prescribe one medicine for all patients, WE don't prescribe one solution to every individual's credit issues.  For that reason, we are happy to give EVERY individual a free credit analysis and consultation to prescribe the best credit repair remedy on the market.