Phantom Debt Collectors

Phantom Debt Collectors

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We recently found this great article — “Phantom Debt Collectors” by Michelle Black. What she writes about is so impactful that we are sharing it here. 

You should know that credit education is a big deal to us. Take the first step, and we will help you with your credit repair. However, education is critical to help you stay on the path of good credit. 

Receiving calls from debt collectors is stressful. You are most likely short on cash, which gives you enough stress, but then add the constant phone calls and sometimes harassment. 

That’s not helping a bad situation get any better – just worse. Thankfully, laws like the FCRA and CROA outline what’s right and wrong. What do you do when someone isn’t following the rules? You can report them to the federal government. You can file a complaint with the CFPB. You can send them a letter outlining your rights based on the FDCPA. You can do all of these things on your own or talk to us, and we can help.

Please check out her blog. Michelle Black,

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