With so much competition out there… why “us” vs. “them?”

We have a lot of experience “cleaning up” after clients have started the “credit repair” process with other companies.  They go to apply for a mortgage and can’t get one after paying a company for 12+ months, and end up with us.

How are “we” different than “them?”…

From what we’ve experienced former clients have been with other companies for 12-24 months. With us – max is 6 months payments (unless requested otherwise), even if more work to be done after 6 months we rarely charge more monies, and most clients should they follow our guidelines have very much improved scores in that same time frame. 

We challenge collections under FDCPA for our one fee – we don’t simply send round after round of dispute letters. We challenge to the max extent we can.

 In the end  we take everything in dispute out of dispute.  Reports no good with disputes.

We intervene for no additional charge if you’re sued. (this happened to me!!!)

We Negotiate settlements.

We stick around no extra charge if your report isn’t ? verified and accurate.  (no lie)

We include it all – we don’t just send out round after round of dispute letters. If you’re talking to someone and they don’t take care of all of the above items for you in a reasonable timeframe, you will end up spending more money in the long term. That’s the last thing we would want for anyone.

We’d hope that you’d give us the opportunity to work with you before you went to work with someone else.