How to Originate More Mortgages, How to Sell More Homes.

Simple; take the word “no” out of your vocabulary if the issue is credit. The answer is ALWAYS “yes”. Contingent on increasing the credit score to where ever it needs to be (+600 for FHA, 640 for USDA…).

You don’t have the time to hold a prospects hand and get them through the whole process of how to fix their credit issues. What you can do is partner with a reputable person (note: not a “company”, a person) who has a proven track record of success. Who you know will be honest with your prospect and work with them, following your directives, to achieve the desired result; a sold home, a closed mortgage.

Problem is how do you know you are referring to a reputable, honest, ethical person that will treat your prospect right and turn them back to you good to go (meaning; not wasting your time, score where it needs to be, No trade lines in dispute status, etc.) and not just some company that uses software to kick out round after round of dispute letters to the credit bureaus and really does nothing else? (somewhere an English major is groaning about that really long sentence).

I will keep this short and sweet. The credit repair process is NOT effective when the process is simply sending round after round of dispute letters, changing the fonts, purposely misspelling words and using poor grammar to “throw off” the credit bureaus. Credit Repair companies do this all the time! Let’s be honest, even our phones have SPELLCHECK! If anything the poor grammar and spelling is a red flag to the credit bureaus! They are not earning $11 billion a year by being stupid. Most of these credit repair companies are doing this using a really cool on-line portal so customers can monitor progress and upload documents all by themselves. We’ve tried a few of those credit repair programs – some of those were the worst things we ever did. Why do I want to reduce the level of communication I have with my customers? If anything, I want to talk to my customers, explain to them what I am doing and why, and have them full involved in the credit repair process so they learn how this all works. No smoke and mirrors!

What IS effective is talking to my customers. Getting to know them, what are their goals, what caused the credit problem, why do they need credit repair how can I help, show them how to have success now and in the future. Developing a SPECIFIC game plan UNIQUE to the customers needs. Credit is as unique as DNA. I do not have a cookie cutter approach to fixing credit reports and raising scores. I wish it were that easy. Fact is this is highly specialized work, with much knowledge and ongoing study of much Federal law, current cases and outcomes in every circuit of the Federal court system, how to use these laws properly to get results. How to get the credit bureaus (who have zero motivation) to respond and make legally required corrections.

You want to make more money in the mortgage or real estate business call me and lets talk. Best Credit Rx is a national company and I, as the owner and operator, get results. You are happy, customer is happy, I am happy. Costs you NOTHING. No downside.