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The debt collectors break the FDCPA rules when they threaten, harass or make false statements against you. They do so in order to get back their money from you. Some problems that the consumers face due to the debt collections are:


  • Collectors use abusive language – The debt collectors often use abusive and insulting language to you if they find that you have outstanding dues. If they understand that you have no interest in repaying the debts, then they will use abusive language so that you may pay back their money.


  • Collectors call during the odd hours – When you don’t make the debt payments for a long time, the collectors feel scared if they’ll ever pay them their money. As such, they start calling you several times and at the inconvenient hours too. This may create unnecessary problems in your personal as well as professional life.


  • Collectors threaten to put you in jail – The debt collectors will try out all ways to threaten you when they find that you are not making the debt payments. They may even scare to put you in jail. However, you need to know that a debt collector cannot put you in jail just because you have outstanding debts to repay.


  • Collectors make wrong statement about you – The debt collectors often try to make wrong statement about your outstanding debt and character. It is advised that if you find the collector is imposing some debts upon you which you don’t owe, you must ask him to validate the debt. In case he fails to prove that you owe the debt, you are in no way responsible to pay off the debt.


  • Collectors call after cease and desist letter – The debt collector may try to call you even after you send him a cease and desist letter. This letter clearly states that you don’t want the debt collector to contact you anymore by phone or email. However, he actually cannot do so. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, a debt collector should show honor to this letter and thus, stop contacting you.


So, if you are having outstanding debts, the debt collector will try his best to get back his money. These are some of the common problems that every consumer faces if he has piled up huge debt.


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