Follow these steps to add 250+ points to your credit report!

Following these steps could add 250+ points to your credit report!

Adding points to your score is always the “how” question… well if you’re a client of ours we are already working on these steps for you, but here are the things to do!

  1. REVIEW A COPY OF YOUR CREDIT REPORT: look at your report with a fine tooth comb for errors, items you don’t know or understand.
  2. CHALLENGE COLLECTIONS: chances are collections are unfamiliar based on their name or dollar amount – challenge them for the information you need to recognize the debt
  3. KEEP BALANCES LOW ON CREDIT CARDS: keep balances below 30% of your credit limit to boost score. If you’re really looking for a boost – 5-10% is the sweet spot to boost that score
  4. USE YOUR CREDIT CARDS: the bureaus know when you pay off a card and just stop using it — that’s not going to help your score. Charge 30% or less of the credit limit onto your card a month, and keep the balance at 30% or below.
  5. LATE PAYS: avoid late pays and challenge those that you do find on your report

NEED HELP? CONTACT US for a free consultation – we’re happy to help. If you’ve tried these steps and your score still isn’t boosting you may need our help.