Credit Card Confusion

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bad credit cards? is there such a thing? I am finding there is much confusion about credit and credit cards.  This is an attempt to rectify that. First lets be clear on the two types of credit out there: 1.  Installment credit. This is credit… Read More »Credit Card Confusion

FICO Scoring Madness

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 I am going to attempt to simplify a VERY confusing topic.  This will be an oversimplification really.  If you want detals I have a white paper I would be glad to share with you that goes into great detail. OK, here we go. FICO scores… Read More »FICO Scoring Madness

Smoke and Mirrors

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Wasn’t it P.T. Barnum who said “a sucker is born every minute”?  The Big Three Axis of Financial Evil use that as their daily mantra you would think.  The latest smokescreen I have to tip my cap to them, their PR machine is good; make… Read More »Smoke and Mirrors