There is a lot of confusion over FICO scores. Why does my credit card send me a FICO score of 640, but CreditKarma shows a 580, and the auto dealership said I was a 720?

Why do web sites I pull my credit score up at are lower than what my mortgage lender says they are?


There are over 50 FICO scores I use today.  When FICO comes out with a new scoring algorithm they do not deactivate the old ones. The media went crazy announcing FICO 09 and XD would not count medical collections against the scores. Problem is none of the banks have adopted those scoring models. SO medicals count.  Web site such as,,, etc. are only allowed by FICO to use FICO 08, a mortgage model. But the banks have refused to use FICO 08. They use FICO Classic (a combination of FICO 04 for one bureau, FICO version 5 for another, and Beacon 2.0 (a FICO product) for the third).  This model is not available to consumers.

Additionally some FICO scores are very unique to what is being purchased. The FICO score for a car is a totally different model than a mortgage for example. So the credit score and report from an auto dealership is useless for a home purchase, for example.

CreditKarma does not even use FICO, the use Vantage which is a scoring system the credit bureaus came up with and would love the whole world to use because that’s more profit for them.  Major lenders still look at FICO. Plus CreditKarma only gives 2 of the 3 bureaus and limited information on their reports. Stay away from them for accurate scores and reports.

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